Update: Rod Countryman & Mark Bartman proudly announce that NW Signs (NWSigns.com) has acquired Northern Lights Neon as of Jan 1st 2018. Rod will continue to offer his excellent craftsmanship at NW Signs as he trains the next generation of neon benders. Mark has already been at NW Signs for the last 2 years as an Estimator, but will be teaching neon processing as well. The tradition of long lasting, quality fabricated neon lights will be a part of the Northwest area for years to come. Please consider visiting Nwsigns.com or stopping by our facility to meet the team, serving the industry and private collectors. Thanks for all the memories and allowing us to serve you in the past and into the future.

NW Signs
17201 Beaton Rd SE
Monroe, WA 98272

Northern Lights continues to keep Made in America synonymous with high quality neon signs and sign restorations. Until recently, the introduction of foreign manufacturing had weakened the neon market. We strive to re-introduce the pride and quality in manufacturing.

We concentrate on quality at each step of fabrication, with particular attention to the quality of our glass, both enclosed and exposed. We utilize a Transco processing system and follow their recommended procedures. Routine maintenance and upgrades insure continued high quality. Units are processed on a rough pump that is subjected to phosphors and water vapor, then a diffusion pump attached to our finish pump guarantees a high vacuum level of 2 microns or less. We work hard to eliminate call backs due to breakage for your company. Each bend is annealed and rack cooled to reduce stress. Our neon benders strive for uniform thickness and the glass units are further strengthened by silicone and strutting. The result is a unit of glass that can withstand the rigors of transport and installation as well as increasing product life.

Understanding the importance of delivering projects on time and as promised is a hallmark of our company beliefs. We opened our doors in 1988 and have been delivering quality neon signs to the Pacific Northwest and beyond consistently.

One of the best assets we offer is that of our experience pool. Our traditionally apprenticeship trained staff can deliver quality on any neon project. The owners, Rod Countryman and Mark Bartman have extensive years of experience and are intimately involved in each project. Insuring that your project receives the personal attention it deserves. From exact transformer loading to serviceable aspects of your sign, we are detail oriented. We know a business has alternative choices in sign lighting, we continue to believe that neon should continue to prove an exceptional choice.

Cost Saving Benefits:
First and foremost, we are a small business and understand the need for other businesses to keep costs down. Our pricing levels have remained steady since 1992 without compromising service or quality. Secondly, our vast experience in neon techniques and sign restorations allows us to look at each project and solve potential problems before they occur. Our satisfied customer base and over twenty years of quality tubing still burning brightly are testaments to our company values.