Northern Lights Neon was initially formed in 1988, the partners agreed that our company should follow the fundamentals of high quality and integrity in our business. We began offering a quality product to commercial sign companies but soon found our passion in nostalgia signs and their restoration. A partnership formed over this love for days gone by and the American tradition of craftsmanship. We continue to strive to obtain the level of expertise prevalent in this bygone era. While some companies subcontract certain parts of your neon sign production, Northern Lights is an all-inclusive fabricator.

Rod Countryman majored in Art and Design in college, studied glass design and neon at Pilchuck Glass School, and did traditional apprenticeship neon training. He has been working with both the commercial sign industry and the vintage collectors market for over 25 years.

Mark Bartman began in the sign industry as a young boy growing up watching his father bend glass in a basement shop. After losing his father at a young age, he always wanted to learn the craft he watched. Taking a summer job in college with a local sign company began a learning process with signs. Metal fabrication, installation and service of signs, electric circuits and finally focusing on the craft of neon were all part of the learning process.